Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Basics - Changing angles

When changing angles (small pivots) such as in the basic #2 techniques like katate mochi nikajo osae. The initial shift should be parallel, with the angle of your feet as in kamae and your hips squared to the front.Your hand should also be aligned with your body.

Don't just swing your foot around. You'll lose stability in your hips and will not be able to transfer your power to your partner.Using your big toes you must rotate both feet simultaneously. This will naturally rotate your hips and torso to face your partner. Your hand will remain in your center but slowly raise up depending on which technique.

Now that the angles of both feet, hips, torso and arms are facing your partner, all you need to do is slide your back foot over about 45 degrees. At first this movement can be practiced broken down as in the pics. Once understood, in a more fluid movement but remember that the rotation of feet and hips comes slightly before the sliding around of the back foot.

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