Friday, April 7, 2017

Aikido Meiryukan Shunpukan

Following the Spring tests, not only did a few belts change but also the class structure. 2 kids from the junior class now will be training with the seniors.

In the senior class the system is quite different, each member/belt colour group has their own set responsibility, be it the initial line up, helping out during the kihon waza, or the cleaning duties and card distribution at the end of class.

When there is a belt change, relatively so do the responsibilities, the former leader then teaches the junior the new duties.

Starting from May (or maybe June, after the Urayasu demonstration) 1 member from the senior class (orange or brown belt) will come a bit early to help with the junior class. This will rotate monthly.

The junior class is a mix from 4 year olds to elementary school 3rd graders. Everyone is white belt or blue belt (complete beginner up to 7th kyu). This class is designed to focus only on the basics, not only aikido, but general dojo etiquette etc. If and when, irrelevant of rank, the students have shown proper understanding of the basic dojo rules and spirit, they will be offered the chance to move up to the senior class.

As well in the senior class, if the kids are showing up late, messing around during class and not giving 100%, they will be sent back down to the junior class to review the kihon.

More to come on the Aikido Meiryukan Shunpukan system...


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