Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Basics - Shihonage

2 basic points when doing katate mochi and ryote mochi shihonage techniques.

1. If you are pulling towards your partner's finger tips the back of your wrist will separate from your partner's palm.

2. Don't completely grab your partner's arm. If you do this you will lose focus and connection on your hand being grabbed and also not be able to smoothly slide your hand into the final position after bending your partner's arm over.

1. With your wrist turned slightly upwards, move with your partner's push or pull so they ride on top of your arm, leading them into an unbalanced position while maintaining a good connection.

2. As you step or turn, place your thumb on your partner's pulse point and hook your other fingers around their wrist and rotate your wrist lightly inwards as if you were screwing their palm into your wrist.

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